Easy, Predictable Construction Permitting

General contractors, architects, DIY'ers, and more trust us with their permit filings. We handle the preparation, filling, and submission of permit applications to your municipality.

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Why permitflow

Build faster with Permitting Software

We simplify and digitize the process of scoping and preparing construction permit applications, limiting errors, saving time, and reducing cost.

PermitFlow General Contractors

Pull permits faster and cheaper

As a contractor, you want to focus on the project at hand and provide your customer a transparent experience. We take permit research and paperwork off your hands and provide tools to get information easily from customers and keep them updated on permitting, one of the biggest drivers of project timelines.

Plan and build faster with less permitting errors

As a developer, you are working across many projects and jurisdictions. We give you a standardized way to ensure permitting is handled correctly so you do not have surprises down the line. Our dashboards give you a centralized view of all permitting in process.

PermitFlow construction permits for DIY'ers.

Simplified municipal permit applications

As a DIY homeowner, you know what you want in your project, but are not familiar with the intricacies of interacting with your local government and ensuring you have the permits and documentation to stay compliant. We help you get that information and prepare a high-quality permit application.

PermitFlow construction permits for Permit Expediters.

Manage permit applications at scale

As a permit expediter, you are preparing permit applications day-in and day-out. We reduce duplicative and manual work, providing white-labeled workflows to support your business and project management features to organize stakeholders, documents, and action items.

Identify your optimal permitting path

Pinpoint the permit process that is right for your project, along with the associated paperwork and logistics. There are many different moving parts in a complete permit application, and we help you avoid missing anything, bypassing costly delays and rework.

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Hundreds of hours saved—for you and your team

Prepare and submit your permit application package without having to decipher many complex forms and re-enter duplicative information with our simple digital workflow. PermitFlow allows you to get the permit process fully off your hands.

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Insights to guide your project

Manage high impact sources of project risk introduced by the permit process. Permitting involves variable municipal permit processing timelines, difficult-to-track sources of error, and other ambiguity. We use public data sets as well as our proprietary data to help clear up that uncertainty.

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Customer love

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“Our team members were able to smash our goals quicker than we did before”
Sarah Smith
Lead Developer, Flowbase
“Our team members were able to smash our goals quicker than we did before”
Sarah Smith
Lead Developer, Flowbase
“Our team members were able to smash our goals quicker than we did before”
Sarah Smith
Lead Developer, Flowbase

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