PermitFlow has raised a $5.5 million seed round to advance construction permitting.
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Missouri Permitting Resources

Municipal permit guides for your building locations.

Building in Missouri?

Let us handle the permit preparation, submission, and tracking across all municipalities you’re building in.

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Missouri Permit Guides

Learn about the permitting process for the municipalities you build in.

Permitting in Missouri in days, not weeks

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Missouri FAQs

Each city has its own permitting rules for construction. Learn the requirements, costs and how to speed up approvals.
Is PermitFlow available in my area?

Yes! As part of our commitment to deliver the best possible experience for pulling permits, we’re here to help you whether you permit in the municipality you frequent as well across multiple municipalities and states.

Who uses building permit software?

For many, the process of pulling permits is costly and full of delays. That’s why we built PermitFlow to enable project stakeholders – from developers, general contractors, subcontractors, architects, engineers, permit expediters to the project sponsors – to streamline their construction permitting needs.

What are the benefits of permit software?

In short, the benefits of using our permit software are two-fold:

  • Faster & error-free permitting
  • Our software enables you to prepare requirement ready, error-free applications that save your team hours of time and shorten municipal review cycles so you can get to construction faster.
  • Centralized permitting
  • Submit, track, and pull permits all of your permits in a single, centralized platform and avoid deciphering municipal websites. Our solution enables you to stay up-to-date on all of your projects across all of the municipalities that you are operating in.
How long does it take to pull a permit with PermitFlow?

The time it takes to pull a permit is dependent on your project specifics as well as the municipality you are pulling the permit in; however, with PermitFlow’s platform, you will be able to submit requirement ready, error-free applications that save your team hours of time and shorten municipal review cycles by as much as 60%. Speak with an expert today to better understand what your estimated permitting cycle time would be.